Studiopäiväkirja 2004

RYTMIHÄIRIÖ Studio diary 2004
Rytmihäiriö enters the studio! With all the material finally together we set up our gear in Jive-studio at Herttoniemi, Helsinki.. first thing to do was naturally to set up the correct listening environment for ourselves and our trusted engineer Jukka. Deciding on an upgrade from the Stereo Gambina of the Rytmihäiriö/Chaosbreed split-ep sessions, we this time set up a complete 6.2 Surround Gambina environment in the control room. We also brought the usual arsenal of Alibi magazines to keep the surmacore spirit high!

Our trusted engineer Jukka

After a few hours of getting drum sounds right and Jukka re-connecting with his long lost appetite for Gambina (a must when working with Rytmihäiriö) we were ready to start laying down the basic tracks. This weekend mostly consisted of Otto beating the shit out of drums between sips of G and Janne in the same room playing a demo guitar track. And drinking G.

Otto playing drums, Jukka having a "moment"

Saturday night we also played a gig at VT-klubi (alongside National Napalm Syndicate among others) where we debuted the new material, playing the whole record in it's entirety. We closed the show with an extended drunken Sabbath- jam session.

Back after over a week to finish up the few remaining drum tracks! Otto recorded very convincing demo vocals for a surprise non-album song that we're doing. As all the drums were finished, Ande started recording his bass tracks. Janne had recorded more basic guitar tracks at home, playing along to drum tracks of the first two days, just to get an idea of the overall sound.

One more day of recording bass tracks before x-mas break. Gambina was consumed, and we came up with a line too good to be left out of the record! Thus, a new song called "Ei ruumis pane pahakseen" was born! The new album will now have total of 14 songs!

Jukka's custom made portable Gambina heating device


Ande playing the real hard parts

Today Ande finished the last couple of his remaining bass tracks and we started figuring out the guitar sound. Janne's longtime bandmate from other projects, Mitja Harvilahti of Moonsorrow/Shadow Cut fame kindly lent us his excellent new guitar amp, as well as his expertise in figuring out what the hell all the knobs in it are for! Mitja also brought in his guitar and recorded a couple of killer leads for two songs!

Mitja doing the Mitja-face

Today was Une's day for starting the vocals. He started pretty early today with Jukka before Ande and Janne joined in to check out the results. These 18 months of Gambina drinking after the last session have dramatically improved Une's performance!

Another day with mainly Une and Jukka recording vocals for four more songs. Again, even better results than the previous day!! Another friend & split-ep producer Henri Sorvali dropped in to help with getting the guitar sounds right, and after hearing a few songs, and a trip to buy some more Gambina, stuck around to help with the producing of some recordings. Later that night Janne got finally started with recording the actual guitar tracks for the record!

Another busy day with Une and Jukka starting early and recording vocals for five songs! Janne and Ande joined a little later to open a new bottle of Gambina (gentle guidance all right..) and Janne recorded guitars for two songs. One take wonders! Well, mostly at least. While recording, we went through some ideas for the CD cover and booklet, as well as different ideas for the chorus of a song tentatively called "Työttömän Tomumaja". It's basically a song about excessive alcohol drinking and people getting killed during the process.

As we had stayed at the studio until one in the morning the previous night, we decided to head home early tonight.

Happy new year everyone !!! Get some G !!

And another new year started..

Back at work with Une finishing the remaining lead vocals for two songs. Now it's just some doubling and overdubs to do and then Une's parts are done.

Later this evening Janne had some time to record guitars for four more songs. Henu came up with killer guitar sound for a clean part on a song called "Ei Mitenkään". Don't worry, we're (still) not doing any ballads though..and there's more blastbeat on this record than ever!! G-Time!!

J celebrating G-time


Jossu working out the phrasing details

Screaming your guts out in a small room for hours really does make you feel weird by the end of the day. Today we had our friend Jossu come in to sing a couple of verses in a song called "Tissit Gambinassa". Ville Sorvali from Moonsorrow also popped in to help us Une, Ande, Janne and Henu out with the backing vocals for the songs.

Killer spurgu choirs were recorded, and more Gambina consumed! Sadly, we ran out of Gambina so we had to cut it short today. A ridiculous amateur mistake that surely will never happen again!!!

Ville's excuse to drink our G was backing vocals

We only had a few hours today due to some totally non-Gambina-related misunderstandings regarding the schedule for today. But the last remaining vocal overdubs by Une were recorded by Jukka (suffering from flu), and Henu (apparently dying of the flu by the looks of it) stepped in to engineer the first proper guitar recording session for Janne. The word "proper" meaning that there was actually *over two hours* during the same day for just guitar playing and gambina drinking, whee!!

Ok, ok, fortunately there were only a few guitar-less songs left. After popping open a mysterioud red-labeled bottle as well as a package containing a new handmade Jackson USA Randy Rhoads guitar for Janne, the remaining guitar tracks were finished. Phew!!

Henri Sorvali with another one of his
fancy-pansy digital recording mags

Today was a public holiday so even those of us still maintaining day-jobs (like we'd need the money after all the advances from Homo-rock records, ha!) could get their asses to the studio early. Interestingly enough, none of the band members would be recording anything today as this day was strictly for editing and preparing for the mixing phase, as well as more GUEST APPEARANCES!

First one to come in was Menu-Anu, a true "party-girl" from Eastern Helsinki. However a few sips of Gambina later, she confessed to actually be Maire, 49, another middle-aged alcoholic wandering in from the Sahaajankatu shelter a few blocks away from the studio. But what the hell, she nevertheless recorded killer guest appearance on a song (Trollhorn's favorite by the way!) describing the life and times of one Lahja Turunen.

Ugra Kampura!! Later that day none other than Mika Luttinen from Impaled Nazarene had the honor of taking a stroll down the Gambina lane. He originally was set to appear on just one song (the title track!) but the man was just so professional we just couldn't bear to let him out the vocal booth without adding his talent another song. (Actually we only had less than full 0,7l bottle of Gambina left and we just wanted to keep it ourselves.. I'm sure he understands!)

Luttinen expresses his gratitude for being let out
from the vocal booth

At last! practically all of the recording is done and the rest of the time is left for editing (cleaning up the takes, ha!) and mixing. All the boring stuff poor Jukka was left to do while everyone else went to drink Gambina. Oh, Henu also had time to record some unbelievable keyboard solos to that one special non-album song that we're doing. Insane.

We probably mentioned this already, but Jukka and Henu REALLY developed an appetite for Gambina during these sessions. The first one or two sips might not be that pleasant, but after that it just keeps going down smoother and smoother! Just take the word of professionals!

Another day of mixing.. Jukka going in early and G-men popping in now and then to check out the stuff. The very last thing to get recorded: Janne recorded some complicated vocal harmonies for a song called "Kun Työmies Lyö", and Henu doubled up on some of them. Otto's face was worth seeing when he dropped by to listen!